Sit 'N Survive is a game developed by Scott Cawthon in 2012. It is available for android and apple and Windows Phones.

In Sit 'N Survive, you have to sit alone in the wilderness and survive attacks of different animals, monsters, acid rain and others by buying different stuff to protect you (Umbrella, Auto Slingshot, Bear Trap, Snake Trap, Lightning Rod, Bug Zapper, Zombie Zapper, Anti-Venom, etc....) and survive as long as possible with three different difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard).

The player starts out with 99 health. As the health lowers, the sprite for the Player changes, making him look more sad. The sprites will make him look better if the Player buys bandages or any other healing item.

Game Over Edit

When your health drops to zero, the Game Over screen of Sit 'N Survive shows the main character (you) fall over and then text appears, saying "Better get you to a hospital." Then the game will restart on Day 1.

Description Edit

The description of the game in Mobile App Stores is as follows:


Screenshot of the game.

See how many days you can survive while sitting alone in the wilderness! At the beginning of each day you can buy supplies for the night, and you'd better spend your money wisely because you'll need protection from mosquitoes, bats, bears, snakes, zombies, rain, acid rain, meteors, lightning, ghosts, and more! Choose from three difficulty settings then see how long you can last!

The "Mature" Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location troll game is the exact same, except the kid is wearing a freddy mask.